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First of, congrats on making this major step in being closer to your tech career In advance, I am PROUD of all of you. Second of all, thank you so very much for supporting MyTechbestfriend’ s pathway into being a recognized Tech education provider as well as Academy. I hope the next few weeks is enjoyable for you all and I hope most of you call can come out with new tech careers in the coming months.

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"Basically getting paid almost six figures to take meeting notes, schedule meetings, and assist with projects. Yeah life is good."

- A Client

Hi, I’m Mary Awodele

Hi, My name is Mary, I am a ServiceNow engineer, business analyst, and a systems administrator and I also currently hold 12 in demand IT certifications which are in Oracle, ITIL, AWS, Azure, Splunk, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. I alo have helped countless people get into the tech field making salaries as low as $70k to as high as $160k only a year into my business and I'm ecstatic to help you too.